HELP: “I can’t go for a second round”

Anonymous from Temba writes: 

I’m a 50-year-old man.
When I have sex with my partner,
I just do it once and then my
manhood refuses to get erect
again. What can I do to go for
more rounds? I don’t want my
relationship to suffer because of
this. Please help.


Dr Eve answers: 
Aging brings sexual
changes. Just as our bodies
age, everything slows down.
This means that erections are less
easy to get and maintain and that
sexual energy and drive gets a
little less too, so you don’t have
a problem. Now you have to
change your sexual expectations
of yourself. Make the one round
the best round. Slow all the sexual
play down and spend lots of time
caressing, talking and playing
with your partner. Penetration is
just one part of all this fun.