HELP: “I think I’m pregnant after cheating on my man”

Anonymous from Carletonville writes: 

I cheated on my boyfriend
and didn’t use a condom
with my makhwapheni. I’m not on
any contraception.
I’m afraid that I might be pregnant
because last month I didn’t get my
periods. Now this month my periods
came but they were brownish in
colour. I have not done a pregnancy
test yet.
Dr Eve answers: 
I can hear that you are scared
of doing a pregnancy test.
And, of course, this is the only
way you will know whether or not
you are pregnant.
Having penetration with more than
one person at the same time means
you have to be extra careful with
your sexual health. It requires that
you take responsibility for preventing
unintended pregnancies as well as
STIs. For example, bleeding with sex
may be a sign of an STI.
I suggest you go to your local clinic
and get a full service of sexual health:
pregnancy test, HIV/AIDS/STI tests
and counselling on contraception