HELP: “I want to make my punani tighter”

Anonymous from Umlazi writes:
I don’t have a child but my
private part is big and wet.
How can I make it tight? I want to
satisfy my man. Please help.


Dr Eve answers: 
The first issue is that you
are not informed about
sexuality and so you are
ignorant about how your body
works. Your private part takes
care of itself. It opens up when
you are aroused and gets wet
so you will not have a tight dry
private part.
This makes penetration fun and
enjoyable. Once you are no longer
aroused, your private part rests
back to its original size and shape.
You’re not supposed to have a

tight dry private part. My second
issue is that you want to please
your boyfriend by offering a tight
private part.
Sex is to please you. You must
ask for and receive what you
love. This includes participating
in pleasuring each other. Please
do not be ashame of your private
part. Protect it with condoms and
enjoy the pleasure it gives you.