HELP: “I’m always wet”

Anonymous from Durban writes: 
I’m 24 years old and I’ve got
a problem of always being
wet during sex or even when I’m
not having sex. Please help.


Dr Eve answers:

Being wet during sex is a
sign of healthy response to
sexual arousal.
Your body is letting you know
that it is excited. It’s a real
compliment to the person you
are making out with.
The body thinks you are
going to have penetration so it
prepares the private part to get
wet so that when penetration
happens it will be comfortable.
If you were dry, penetration
would be painful. When you are
not being sexual and are wet it
may be that you are still feeling
aroused – which is lovely.
However, if the wetness
smells funny it may be a sign
of infection. So watch it