HELP: “I’m in love with a sugar mama”

Anonymous from Jo’burg writes:
I am a 26-year-old man who
is dating a woman who is
twice my age. She takes good care
of me and I have told my family
about her although I did not tell
them her axact age.



Sis Naledi answers: 

If you have a problem
with her being twice your
age, then your family will
probably have a problem too.
It is very unusual for a 52-year-old
woman to date a 26-year-old
man. We live in societies and
families that have certain values
and norms. If we do things that are
outside those norms and values,
we are frowned upon or even
rejected. If you introduce her to
your family, what do you expect
them to do or say? Do you intend
marrying her? Do you introduce
every girlfriend you meet at home?
Hope these questions guide you to
making better decisions.