HELP: “The guy I met at a party denies fathering my baby”

Anonymous from Tembisa writes:

A friend invited me to his party
and I met his other friend
there. We then hooked up and made
love on the same night. This guy broke
my virginity and impregnated me. But
he now tells me that the baby is not his.
I told him we must do a paternity test
but he refuses. He says he has moved
on with his life and I should also do the
same. What must I do?


Sis Naledi answers: 
A It must be difficult for the guy
to actually believe he is the
father of your baby if you slept
with him like that. First, you had not
known each other, trust was never
established and you both don’t know
how many other people you might
have slept with like that.
Remember, you are the one who
knows the facts of the day you met
him, he may not know. If you believe
he is the father of your baby, then sue
him for maintenance. The court will
force him to do a paternity test