How to break free of soul ties

Prophet M Silumesii says you can break free from ungodly spiritual connections.


ROMANS 12:3 “For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself highly than he ought to think…” “I have realised that life is about relationships and to never regard yourself as being more superior than other people. It’s also crucial to treat one another with respect because everyone is created in the image of God. At times you will be surprised that the person you are undermining, may be the one who can help
you in the future. So it’s important to love and treat everyone with respect.”


MY FAVOURITE SCRIPTURE THE issue of soul ties has created trauma and hell in
the lives of many people. The ‘tie’ is the agreement that makes a spiritual connection between two souls, while the ‘soul’ is the habitation of feelings, practices and belief systems. As 1 Samuel 18:1 points out, “And it came to pass, when He had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.”


There are four kinds of souls ties: marriage, business, sex and friendship. Some ties have affected people negatively. God has given me the grace to help people break soul ties.
Business soul ties The soul tie of David and Jonathan was that of business associates who
also shared friendship. Whatever possessed Jonathan’s soul was easily transferred to David. Marriage soul tie Getting divorced doesn’t automatically break the soul ties between the two partners. In some cases, people can’t marry again or their next marriages suffer because of these unbroken ties. Friendship soul tie Some friendships are abusive and driven by selfishness. Sometimes you can find yourself being unable to walk away from this kind of friendship even if you know that it makes you feel hurt, discouraged and unloved. Sexual soul tie Every sexual relationship results in a soul connection with the partner that you are intimate with.


God links two souls together. (Matthew 19:5). The purpose is to build a healthy, strong and close relationship between partners. In this case, soul ties are positive.


A person can be a born-again Christian and still suffer from an ungodly soul tie.
This is one of the many reasons why we have a high rate of divorce in society, even among men of God. An ungodly soul tie will make you resent, abuse or even hate your
God-given spouse without any particular reason. Soul ties can also make one bitter as a result of a relationship that ended in pain, or even the death of a spouse. This is why it’s so common for a person to still have feelings towards an ex-lover.


Demons can use negative soul ties to transfer spirits from one person to another. I remember praying for and delivering people from demonic soul ties. A number of men and ladies manifested from a spirit husband or wife that comes to sleep with them
in the dream. It entered through a previous sexual relationship. (Ezekiel 23:17) I know that someone can relate to what I have written. Know that your problem will be solved in Jesus’s name. You can break free from the ties that bind your soul.