How to get healthy hair this summer

Keep your hair well nourished and conditioned using hair food. There are different
types of hair food to choose from and these include:

■ It hydrates the hair and the scalp,
and works best with a slow andproper massage on the head.
■ It activates hair follicles and
encourages hair growth.
■ It soothes the scalp and
penetrates the skin far easier
than an oil-based hairfood.
MOVE! TIP: Wear a silk cap at night to lock the moisture in.


■ It acts as a barrier to lock
moisture in the hair.
■ It works well on natural hair
rather than synthetic hair.
The curlier the hair, the more
hairfood is needed.
■ It also works wonders on
protective hairstyles such as
dreadlocks and braids.
MOVE! TIP: Use it once a week.
Barbara Kamanga, owner of
Stylist Ethnique in Cape Town,
advises that although hair food
is a necessary treatment for hair,
applying it everyday will cause
oil build up and cause the hair
to break