Second chance for unsuccessful matriculants

Passing matric is one of the most important milestones in a learner’s
life. While other learners pass with flying colours and go straight to varsity or college,
others struggle to get good marks to be accepted at various tertiary institutions.


But don’t despair because getting a low mark in matric is not the end of your
educational journey. There are a few institutions that give learners a chance to
improve their matric results by writing supplementary examinations.


Star Schools communications manager Aurette Bowes explains that their institution primarily offers interested learners an opportunity to improve their marks
after writing matric exams.

She says, “Learners who qualify are those that have been unsuccessful in achieving the
required symbols for access into tertiary institutions, as well as those that have failed.” Aurette adds that learners are given guidance on the subject they are struggling with and high quality educational material to make the supplementing process easier for them.

“Educators prepare them for the final exams by concentrating on previous papers’ methodologies, problematic sections that learners struggle with and sections which
carry a high-mark value in the final paper. They follow the scope of work as prescribed by the Department of Education.”

Aurette further adds that, “the Continuous Assessment Schoolbased Assessment mark is on the learner’s original Grade 12 performance, with the main intent of being able to prepare them for the final paper.”

She says after writing and passing the exams, learners are awarded with the Umalusi-approved statement of symbols and matric certificate. Aurette says learners who are
planning to rewrite their matric examinations need to register on time and also arrive with the correct documentation when they come to write exams.

“When registering for the exams, learners need to bring copies of their statement of results, identity document or birth certificate, 2 ID photos, a completed registration
form and proof of payment,” she says.

“All foreign students must provide a current and valid study permit.” She advises learners to register as soon as possible as institutions that offer exams usually have limited

While there are many institutions that offer exams, Aurette says there are costs involved. She explains, “At Star Schools costs differ depending on the number of subjects you
register for. Learners can pay from R2 750 for one subject to R11 550 for five subjects.”

She advises that learners who are unable to pay the full amount can apply for financial assistance through Eduloan who has now partnered with Star Schools. She says the fees usually include assessments, workbooks, previous exam papers, registration and admission for the National Senior Certificate exams.



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